Retailer Testimonials


Sun Valley, Idaho

  • “Selling Trilipiderm® is SO EASY! It sells itself. Customers come into my store and ask what they should use for dry skin. I put some in their hands and most of them are sold right then and buy. Some people take a sample, go home, and then they return the next day and buy. If they’re still not sure, I tell them the story of Trilipiderm®. How the chemists who made Trilipiderm® were in the business for 35 years, watching marketing and packaging companies create cheap, non-effective formulas. So they sold that company and used their research and science to seriously address the problems of dry skin. This is a serious product. It’s got integrity, which I love!”

    Teresa, Owner of Pure Sun Valley

Valley Apothecary

Sun Valley, ID

  • “From the beginning we were hooked. Trilipiderm® is the first lotion we’ve tried that works in this dry climate. It lasts all day without being greasy. Now, a year and a half after we began retailing it, our customers come in to our store because of it. Not only is it driving business to our store, it’s the top selling product in our store. It’s the ultimate rehydration cream. You’ve got to try it.”

    Cathy, Co-owner of Valley Apothecary